Why I LOVE Consignment Shopping 

We are a one income family. Being a one income family means having to rework something’s in our budget differently. One of those things that has to be figured out is buying clothes, toys, bottles, cloth diapers,and every other space taking thing for our daughter. I love to out the cutest best quality clothes on […]

It’s awful (not what you think)

Have a daughter with down syndrome is awful. It is awful-ly fun. It is awful-ly wonderful. She fills our days with an awful lot of smiles. She is awful-ly beautiful. She makes me spend an awful lot of time being amazed at what she can do. Im awful impressed with what a good baby she […]

A Letter To My Daughter

​ Sweet little jubilee,  When you were born a few people said they were sorry. They said that because they didn’t understand. They didn’t know what you could do. They didn’t know who you were or who you would be. But most importantly they didn’t know your momma loves you more then you will ever […]

Bibs and Bottle Nipples

It is about 6 am, I hear the whirling of my daughter’s oxygen concentrator and my husband’s fan from our room. They are both asleep still. As I’m looking around our living room I see so much I need today; pink blankets on the couch, a bird bib or the other couch, gift wrapping from […]

How We Got To Holland

I’d dreamed for years of a trip to Italy. I’d spent months convincing him a trip this early was well worth it. I had the guide book. I was learning about the language. I was making plans for everything we would do in Italy. I was research what we would need to pack and purchase […]

It Wasn’t My Fault

It isn’t my fault. You let us down, not the other way around. It wasn’t our job to clean up after you. We aren’t responsible for the choices you made. You were supposed to be responsible for us, you weren’t.  You were our parent. As a parent it was your job to protect, not abuse. […]

I’m Thankful For It

I am thankful for the dishes I do, we have full bellies. I am thankful for my floors to clean, we have a home to live in. I am thankful for my laundry to wash, we have warm clothes. I am thankful for the things I pick up that the cats have knocked down, our […]