How We Got To Holland

I’d dreamed for years of a trip to Italy. I’d spent months convincing him a trip this early was well worth it.

I had the guide book. I was learning about the language. I was making plans for everything we would do in Italy. I was research what we would need to pack and purchase to go to Italy. 

Then one day they told us we weren’t going to Italy, we were headed to Holland. We could have cancelled our trip all together, never gone anywhere. We didn’t, we were committed to this trip.

We began changing our plans. I got some guide books to Holland. I began to research different things we would need if we went to Holland instead.

I was preparing to go to Holland, but I still wished we could be going to Italy. Part of me hoped we would board our plane and find our selves in Italy. I was sad that we couldn’t go to Italy like all our friends.

After months of preparing, we went to the airport and jumped on our flight. We didn’t land in Italy, we landed in Holland just as we expected. I was still sad for several of our first days in Holland. Then I began to notice the wonderful things in Holland. Holland has beautiful colors, the beautiful blue eyes, the strawberry blonde hair, and the lovely soft pink lips. Holland is sweeter and calmer. Holland has a slower pace, I like slow. Here in Holland I have the time to notice each little thing I am thankful for because they come a bit slower.

I don’t wish we were in Italy anymore, I’m to busy loving Holland. Other people go to Italy and eventually they have to leave Italy. Sometimes the people who go to Holland end up leaving to, a lot of times they don’t, they might stay in Holland forever. I could stay in Holland, I could spend the rest of my life in Holland.


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