A Letter To My Daughter

Sweet little jubilee, 

When you were born a few people said they were sorry. They said that because they didn’t understand. They didn’t know what you could do. They didn’t know who you were or who you would be. But most importantly they didn’t know your momma loves you more then you will ever know. 

You are beautiful. You are perfect. Your almond eyes are my favorite. Your tiny eyes are cuter. You are not the baby I always picture, your are the baby I always needed. 

You will be different, we can be different together. You won’t be alone, momma is unusual to. You might not be able to do things on your own, momma wants to help. You might not want to leave, you don’t have to. If you stay with us forever that’s OK, you won’t be a burden. If you never decide to leave then your momma will love every second. 

Other people don’t always understand. They don’t understand our little family. They see us and they see people who don’t fit what they think is normal. We don’t want to be ordinary, we want to be extraordinary. We want to extraordinary love you fill us with. We want to amazing ability you have to bring others together. We want you to not be like other people. If you were like all the rest then you wouldn’t be who you are. 

You are priceless. You are no mistake. You are my greatest achievement in this life. You are no accident. You are what the Lord wanted you to be.

The Lord makes no mistakes. 


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