Bibs and Bottle Nipples

It is about 6 am, I hear the whirling of my daughter’s oxygen concentrator and my husband’s fan from our room. They are both asleep still. As I’m looking around our living room I see so much I need today; pink blankets on the couch, a bird bib or the other couch, gift wrapping from Little Foot’s gifts, and bottle nipples on the TV. I was thinking on all the things I need to get done to have my house clean again.

I like a clean house most days. I look at these things and see stuff I need to do, that is until I think about how they got here. That blanket on the couch was from when my daughter and I later on the couch in the early hours of yesterday watch “To Joey With Love”. That bub was from when her daddy Heald her and cuddled her and fed her before bed. That gift paper in the floor was from the Christmas presents so many people had brought for her, she is so loved. 

My house may be a mess now and I may not take as many showers any more and I might even forget to eat; but I have so much love. The Lord has blessed us with this love. This love is not something we have done. This love is small with beautiful dark blue eyes and perfect little toes. My Little Foot, my daughter, my precious baby; she has managed to bring so many people together and fill them with so much love already. I can’t wait to see what else she does. She is our gift and our blessing. She is worth a few bottles laying around and a few blankets on the couch. She has turned out house to a home and filled our hearts with my love then I even knew existed. She is worth it all. 


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