Why I LOVE Consignment Shopping 

We are a one income family. Being a one income family means having to rework something’s in our budget differently. One of those things that has to be figured out is buying clothes, toys, bottles, cloth diapers,and every other space taking thing for our daughter. I love to out the cutest best quality clothes on my daughter. I’m not a fan of the quality and designs on walmart, Dollar general, and family Dollar children’s clothes. One of the problems I run into with this though is that it is not in our finances to but cute high quality clothing for my daughter at full price.what do I do about this? Here enters the…Children’s Seasonal Consignment Event! 

I love consignment events! Consignment events give me the best of all the world’s! I can find variety, great prices, great brands, and almost everything I need for her in one place. 

When I walk into a store like Walmart, the children’s place, target, or Gymboree I can find a couple different styles that I may or may not like. I’m rather picky thought so usually I don’t like everything I find. When I go to a consignment event I can find HUNDREDS of pieces in the same size. Need a sleeper? Don’t like to two you found at the Children’s Place? Go to a consignment event and find twenty or more option for sleepers for your little one in the same size! I am spoiled to the variety these events have to offer. 

Among other things that have me spoiled are the fabulous prices! $3.00 for two 3 Month size dresses, I’ll take that deal! I hate paying full price for baby clothes. Most babies grow out of their clothes so quickly they don’t even get any wear. My daughter had outfits she never even had on. When you go to a consignment event you can find loads of used baby clothes in pristine condition for rock bottom prices!

I love the super great prices but even more I love that my money is going to local family’s instead of some big box store. We all know that the Children’s Place, Gymboree, Carter’s, and everyone else who sells baby clothes has plenty of money in their pockets. I love that I’m helping a mom in my area be able to buy clothing for her child for the next season or size. 

My final reason for loving consignment events are the great brands and cute clothes I find. If I were paying full price for my daughter’s clothes I would not be able to afford full price Gymboree, Carter’s, or Bonnie Baby. This way I can buy all the great high quality clothes I love without breaking the bank. 

If you love great quality brands but don’t love to pay full price, if you want more variety in picking your clothes, or if you really want to help out local families I would strongly suggest you look into your local consignment events! Happy shopping!


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